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I am hipersexual, my girlfriend cold and i am a stepfather, is this the end?


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Hai,maybe a few other people can have the same problem,

My problem is the hipersexuality, or on the other side my girlfriends low libido.

I am in the years 30, i can say the best ,the strongest period in my sexual life,when i really feel the blood in my body,and really have energy to do much sex. i could not be problem for having sex more than 2-3 or more time a day, and especially pervert sex. I really need pervertion in my sexual life,not just making love full with kisses and soft touches,what my girlfriend needs only. she doesnt need that much,like i do. sometimes 2-3 times a week,sometimes 1,sometimes we are not having sex for 2 week. and when we are having that is not enough for my pervert meanings. i started to check porn sites since when we moved together, more and more,and harder and harder things. and now i feel,that this is something what not going to work for long time, i feel like some sick ,nasty creature with my energy and free sexual meanings on every kind of way. we where talking about it, but it doesnt really help. since we started to talk about things, our sexual life went to be more stressed,and she more afraid from me. i really would like her just to suck me one time for surprise,but she never do, but she knows that i would like that. or something, it doesnt really matter, just something!!!! and anal for her is just: "my ass is for * * * * ting honey not for sex!"

it is just not enough for me a few time,in the middle in the night,in dark,and making love. i just went to be depressed from this hole relationship,and i feel that everything is on her side,we are having sex when she wants,and how she wants,and that is what i have to be happy. if i am trying to pick up in a conversation, than she just tell me,that "i am trying". and if she sucks me finally 1 time in a month,than she brings up,that she always do,so just be happy.

with this relationship i went to be a step father for a 4 year old child(he was 1,5) and i love this kid,and he is my responsibility, and he really not deserve some broken life,cause of the sex between "mom and dad". so i am not thinking for breaking on the first place,and my girlfriend is nice,and trustable person. but i cannot go between people,cause i just can see possibilities with girls (womans) what i am leaving out from my life, i m not a bad looking man,and i can see few who is interested in me. and i am falling in love again,and again. where i live,it is a small village full with the hottest girls on this area. i thought about having a lover,but here is just not very possible.

i feel my life ended, in i am closed with my possibilities,and there is no way out ....

i have been by doctor (not sex specialist,and she was the hottest doctor who i ever seen and i wanted to take something what is making me colder,but she said,i am just healty and she wont give me something what can destroy my body.

this is shortly...if somebody interested to write anything ,that can be great.

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