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Should I get over her?


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Earlier this week I took my favorite girl to her senior prom. We went as friends, and she looked like she was having a blast. I don't really have friends in her grade, so the limo there was mostly quiet between her and I, but she was there with her best friends, so I just let her do her own thing, because who wants to stick with their prom date for the whole night. She had looked like she had blast, and we shared a couple dances.


A few months before prom, we really didn't know each other, and I'm pretty sure she just got out of a relationship. Then one day I hung out with my friends and her and a few of her friends. We all had a blast, and we were all cool with each other for a good month.

Then one day we were all supposed to party at her house, but she told my friends not to come. So it was her, her friends and me. That night she asked me to prom! We had a great night.

After that, we became closer and closer, and could tell each other anything, we watched movies and would just drive around and have fun. We ended up snuggling and kissing, but were never "officially" together. this was two weeks before prom


I know she's a flirty girl and tries to be friends with everyone, so I honestly didn't mind whenever she hung out with other people.


But two weeks leading up to prom week (prom week also being the week all the seniors graduate) we became further apart. Just like that, I was in what seemed to be the "friend zone." The long messages and flirty looks stopped. / I kept the connection open with the occasional text, and the chats after school.

I've been told I handled it like a gentleman, i didn't get mad at anyone, I just took our friendship for what it was, and it was an amazing time. I'm a sophomore, and I'm gonna miss her.


So what do I do?

I like her , but I couldn't tell her that because the last guys were friends with her (not as close as we were) and she is not friends with them anymore. THEY screwed their relationship up. They said the WRONG things when they were mad at her.


I've been upset for a while debating on what to do.

I just want to know what she thinks of me.

A girls advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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She's going to college dude. Nothing you can do. You had a senior date you as a sophomore though I'd just milk the status for what it's worth.


*edit Just realize she may not actually be going to college so I guess it depends on what she's doing. Either way I'd try to be a little more active with other girls so you don't appear to be stuck on her.

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