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Angry Beyond Belief

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So in late September 2010, my grandpa died. We were all heartbroken, and still blame the hospital. They gave him a medication that he told them specifically, "I am not supposed to have that." He was in the hospital for over two months.


My grandmother cried her eyes out at the funeral, as expected. But now, she's remarried! (This happened in March) We're all pretty mad about it, and some of us are suspicious that she was cheating on him.


How do I help my family (and me!) cope with this?

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As far as the hospital issue goes, if you believe there was malpractice I would consult a lawyer.


When it comes to the issue of your grandmother remarrying, it's really none of your business. What kind of proof do you have that she was cheating? And what do you hope to get out of being angry?

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Well if they gave him a medication that he wasn't supposed to have, that will be relatively easy to prove. Doesn't really matter that you're a minor.


What proof do you guys have that she was cheating? Or is that just your assumption because she remarried so quickly?

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Well, he died also after having his gallbladder taken out, and since then many other people have died from that.


Well, she never was very close to him. And according to my parents she started dating the next day, and married after a couple of months. I think she just recovered fast, but my parents think she was cheating, and my cousin said she killed him by telling the doctor to give him that medicine.

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Sounds like lots of conspiracy theories with no evidence.


Generally speaking, it's not all that uncommon for seniors to move on quickly. The fact of the matter is that many people that age did not marry for love. They married out of obligation, etc. I know for a fact that my materal grandparents, for example, are not really in love. They tolerate each other but never show affection.

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Not to mention that losing her husband really underscores how precarious life is, and perhaps she just didn't want to be alone, or wait unnecessarily.


Your priorities in choosing a husband at 27 and 77 are distinctly different.


Her vows to her husband were "'till death". She met those vows. She should not be criticized for not wasting whatever time she has left grieving someone she can't get back.


I always tell my family that if anything ever happened to me, to not judge DH if he began dating right away- ok, so don't bring a date to the funeral, but otherwise, all is fair. Life is for the living.

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My bf died a little over a month ago. I can't even begin to think of dating, but that doesn't make it wrong for other people to date right away. To each their own. I am in my mid-fifties and I know I don't have a lot of time left, but I am quite content to be on my own for quite awhile. It has nothing to do with how much I loved him, I just prefer being single right now.

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