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The light at the end of the tunnel. Or at least, some light.

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Well, I have another interview and it's the most random, unexpected thing I ever thought I would get considering my circumstances. I sincerely think God is playing with me. Things go really REALLY bad and just when I think everything is the worst it can get and I just can't take it anymore, really close to drinking the poison (so to speak) something good happens that gives me hope. Not that it lasts for long. I've had countless interviews and I still get nothing, so why should this one be different? Well... it's a weird one.


You see, I stopped caring about getting hired and improving my CV. I decided that if work wasn't coming to me then I would create my own, so I started working on opening my own business. I'd given up on companies after months of constant dressing up, CV polishing and butt kissing.


And then I get this e-mail from a place I never even considered. It's the local art gallery. They have a position in management and they called me because, apparently, one of the companies I applied to is a major sponsor and suggested me.




I mean, I didn't get the job in the company, but I must be good enough for the gallery? I shouldn't complain. In my interview I said I love art, and I do some painting and drawing myself. But it just feels so random.


Is this a good thing though? That I was recommended from a company that didn't hire me themselves? Or maybe my CV is just one of the many they received from their sponsor and I'm just getting my hopes up.


No idea what'll happen and I'm really anxious about this...

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I think that sometimes people take the fact that they didn't get the job too personally. The truth is, it's not always about you. The company could have thought you were absolutely amazing but there was another candidate that was a slightly closer fit to the job itself. Or maybe an internal candidate applied and they have a policy of accepting internal candidates over external ones... you really don't know what happened. It's not always about being "not good enough".


Of course - as you mentionned - it's entirely possible that they just handed over a bunch of CVs. Although... I think that's less likely. If they just want *any* CV (good or bad), they can find that on the internet, etc.


You never know what's going to happen! Good luck! Try to think of it the same as any other opportunity or place you would have applied for... for good or for bad, you will be fine.

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My ex husband got his first job randomly like that. He either went to a career fair and someone called him from it, someone he never met or handed a resume to at the career fair. So another person had to have been involved. Or else his dad helped him out. But his first job, a good job, came from outer space so to speak.


This could be divine intervention and I wish you the best of luck!

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If I could give my younger Self advice, it would be to quit trying to out-think circumstances I know nothing about. It was a form of procrastination to justify squelching my efforts. I would instead accept any speck of proof that my efforts can pay off in future ways that I'm unable to 'see' at the moment. For instance, rather than shut down my job search I continued to expand my radius of agencies, filing out paper work and interviewing to be told they had 'nothing,' only to get a call weeks later from the agency most far away for a job closest to my home--which I parleyed into a permanent position far better than the one I went in to temp for.


I'd adopt some karmic thinking and trust that every ripple I put out into the world can come back around to surprise me in ways I can't predict. Yours is a great example. A company has limited positions and more than one good candidate to fill each. It's not a matter of 'rejecting' good people, but rather keeping them in a 'call-back' file for the next suitable thing. This company is invested in an art gallery for it's community. They've met you and they like you enough to refer you. Had you not put on the costume and attempted that interview, you would not have created this potential opportunity.


Instead of squelching positive thinking and withholding efforts to create more ripples, increase that activity. Stay focused on what YOU can put out there, and trust that the more chances you take, the better you've increased your odds of a payoff you can't even conceive of.


Fingers crossed for you.

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You're right. I should just think positive. The world is finally telling me that my previous hard work actually got me something, even if it's just another interview. I think I'm just nervous about it. They wouldn't tell me what kind of job I would be doing or anything of the sort. They usually do that in order for you not to prepare and so they'll know if you actually know what you're talking about. I'm VERY nervous.

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