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Friends Vs Girlfriend need help!!!


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Well long story short, my girlfriend ands friends dont seem to get along. but the thing is they havent really met. My guy friends are very immature. They never talk to girls and none of them have ever had a girlfriend. They only do guy things like paintball and snowboard. My girlfriend however wants to meet them and im not sure how. She has it stuck in her mind that my friends hate her because they dont really do anything to meet her an they never talk about her with me. So she hates them because we do stuff that she cant do. She wants to come watch us play football and stuff but it would be a huge akward moment. I know that if we do something like that she will get left out so i will go help her and we both will get left out. Im trying to think of ways that my friends can meet my girlfriend without it being akward but yet entertaining. Its hard because they dont ever talk to girls and when we hangout we talk about guy stuff that she doesnt find interesting. Please help I need advice on what to do and ideas of how to introduce them. Thank you!

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