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Confused about boys!!!

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Hey guys!

So I went out with this guy who is the complete opposite of me he has piercings and gauges and what not, but i did find him very attractive! He has done some things that I really don't approve of, but I looked past that and went out with him. So anyway we were going out for a few months and it ended badly but we still liked each other. We broke up about 5months ago but we've been fighting and trying to be friends every since then. I thought I really liked him but now I'm starting to think I never really liked him.


Is it possible to be attracted to a guy and just be curious about his life because he is so mysterious that you just think you like him? When really you don't him you just are curious to why he does certain things?



I'm sort of new to the real official dating thing.


Help Please!!! Thanks!!

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Some women are attracted to bad boys because they are so different from their own life. But bad boys are bad for a reason. I think if you have to fight with each other to be friends, it's best to just let things go and find other friends.


What things did he do that you don't approve of?

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You're only 14? Honey, I'm going to tell you advice that the 24 year old you would want to tell you: take things slow and don't worry about what other people think or are doing. Do what feels right for you. I know it seems that people in high school are more mature, but they really aren't. They are still kids and the judgement area of the brain is not fully developed until you are in your twenties. Just because other people are doing something, it doesn't make it right or what is best. There is plenty of time for you to try new things and to be an adult. For now, focus on school and having fun with friends.


The 24 year old you would not want you hanging out with someone that smokes pot. It really isn't cool at all.

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I know it seems like there are no good guys out there. But you know what? It's better to be single and on the right path, than to settle for some deadbeat guy, or someone who doesn't make you feel quite right (doesn't respect your choices or is pressuring you). Once you reach college or start working, there will be more opportunities for you.

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