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Ok, oficially, im done with datings lol....


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so exactly same story as before... i met this pretty girl in my gym, she is some sory of medical therapist, and first when we talked i was really impressed by her knowledge.

So for the last couple of days we've been texting and talking mostly about personal stuff and flirting and all went awesome.

Its all good so far, but one thing about me is that i really need intellectual conversations every once in a while... its a need I have.

So today, i tried talking about other stuff such as medicine,science, life and general stuff, just to get the attitude of "oh i dont care about this not interesting stuff, lets talk more about me or about us"...

I didnt say anything just kept on going with the personal stuff, but deep inside i was so disappointed and pissed, was too good to be true...looks and smarts? was wrong...

and for some reason the same story keeps on repeating itself, and its not like i date uneducated girls, most of them have high education, but for some reason none really likes conversations that do not include sex, relationships, gossip and "us".

Anyhow, im planning on stopping replying to her...hopefully she will get the clue and also im done with dating for the next while...

Sorry, just wanted to vent...

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Dude, I know what you mean. I like to have debating bantering conversations about real stuff...science, finance, current events, the economy...it's like...where are these girls that can give me that and be physically attracted to ya know?


I sighed when I read this to know I am not the only one...

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haha, yeh im glad to hear that somebody understands me... i got even more pissed when i told my friends about it and they response was "are you stupid? she is hot, you are not suppose to have conversations with her"....etc...

I just erased her number, feels better

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I also understand what you're going through. I'm a female, and I've been through the same...so it goes both ways. You meet a seemingly amazing guy: good-looking, educated, well-dressed, good career, but though they've had higher education, all they want to talk about are superficial things with no substance. I want someone to stimulate me intellectually, someone I can learn from and where we can mutually teach things to each other. It's difficult to find someone who fills you in every level, but I haven't lost hope, I know there are people like that out there, though very rare.

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I can also relate! Big time. Maybe I'm just unlucky but every girl i've dated has had no interest in the world or the bigger picture or has ever voiced her opinion. I want someone who is passionate about the world around them and the environment. I want someone who knows stuff and can teach me things I don't already know. I want someone who has opinions and isn't afraid to voice them. Unfortunately, this is important to me and probably sits at the top of what I look for in a girl. I've yet to find this person and it kinda bums me out. My ex girlfriend, despite being well educated and intelligent, could not discuss anything deeper than superficial things and put down any attempts to engage in anything more meaningful. I couldn't take it and ended the relationship - what's the point of being in a relationship when the person can't stimulate you intellectually?

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Ditto. I always find an intelligent mind way more inmportant than looks. I need someone who can engage in meaningful debate and interesting conversation. I feel like people look at me as a geek most of the time. Cos I really couldn't care less about Nicole Sherzinger's hair, or who the latest X Factor winner is.

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