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could ne thing else happen to me?

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my father is dying from liver cancer he has 2 years to live and only can get a liver in 4 years, his AMONIA Level is 99 and it should be 32, my mother is stressed because my gram drives her crazy and hates her, my dog has a tumor and they cant get it, my sisters 2 year relationship was broke broken up after he cheated on her! my bf cheated on me with my best friend in the whole wrold...dd everyones depressed nd the main thing is...how can i make my mother happy...theres no way she could be happy with everything going on? can a mother or someone give me some advice on how i could help her... or make her feel better...shes been depresed all her life and abused... and i just want atleast for her to be happy for a second or 2... how?

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