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why does it take him so long to cum?


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Most likely performance anxiety.


Is his penis on the smaller side?


The first few times I had sex with my gf, I couldn't cum either, even after 1 hour. My gf's vagina would eventually go dry and we couldn't go any longer.


We then didn't have sex for like, 6 months, but when we got back together, I bought tighter condoms and now I can cum as quick as 5 minutes in, although I can hold it in for 20 minutes.


So if your boyfriend is wearing a condoms, try get him tighter ones? Even if normal condoms fit fine, just get him tighter ones. They feel 10x better.

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I often have trouble cumming in missionary position, not sure why. When I'm behind her I can get off basically as quick as I want. I dunno, certain positions just "do it" for me more. The most common scenario is I make her cum in missionary (she's a total g-spot girl) then switch to doggy-style for me (although I think she's grown to enjoy it more) or, like another poster wrote, I ask her to stroke me off which I find incredibly hot. I love to rub it on her breasts and watch her stroke and suck it till I cum. It's a great visual and she's got great hands I don't feel too guilty about this but I know she does love it when I cum inside her, facing her. But usually I just don't get off easily that way. Obviously the best is when we cum together.

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