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Problems. HELP!


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To cut to the chase, i have lots of problems that come back to bite me whenever i try to get into a relationship with a girl. I'm sixteen and all of the friends and loved ones i have ever had have died already. Also, i have a genetic disorder called muscular dystrophy that prevents my muscles from growing properly, so i'm sixteen and already have a disabled parking permit. Last but definitely not least, when i was in seventh grade i was raped by one of my peers. All of these things are good and bad in some ways. The good thing about them is that now having sorted through my problems, i am very confidant in who i am, but i suffer from depression quite often. Whenever i try to start a relationship with a girl, these factors always hold me back. About two months ago i broke up with the only person i care about who is still alive, and it has been VERY hard for me. I am very scared of commitment, and because i have seen what "love" has done to my parents, i am aprehensive to decide in a relationship if i feel love or "love." In am well off in the other departments; i'm good looking, i'm smart, and i have a sense of humor that most people like, but the depression and stuff just keep on pulling me down. Is there any advice that anyone could give me on what i could do to help myself out in a relationship?

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