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My husband


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My husband has finally admitted he has problems with issues from the past. His denial over the last ten years has caused us to divorce once before and we are currently separated.

There are physical and sexual abuse and abandonment issues. Oh, alcoholism with both parents too.

I would like advice from someone with similar issues who has sought counseling. Where do I begin?

Thank you. Carol Arabie

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Being remarried, you have to wonder why you hated the man in the first place.


Looking at issues from the past doesn't let you move forward. Those are things that keep one locked into "excuses".


If your husband is an alchoholic, drug user, etc, then my suggestion is that he will always be. Why? Because its a matter of YOUR trust.


Being divorced from a wife who had drug problems myself, I can tell you that its NOT an easy thing to swallow. You give a person a chance and if they screw up, then its up to you to call it off. Once chance. Be true to yourself because life is much too short to live unhappy when there are other people in the world that can give you the life you always dreamed about.


And thats the key... dream again. Don't let them dissipate with someone who squashed them.

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