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I have been married for 9 years. Had no problems with my wife ( at least that is what she says). We have a 2 and ½ year old daughter. Both of us love her so much.

When my wife was pregnant we had met this friend who is also married and had a kid already. Over the past few years he happened to be a very close family friend. We work at the same place.


My wife happened to have a relationship with this friend. I came to know about it and confronted her and this friend and his wife. The friend realized that what he did was a mistake betraying me for the trust I had in him and is ready to do anything to correct it since he also doesn’t want to lose his family. On the other hand my wife is not ready to take it. She thinks that it is not easy to forget what happened and at the same time does not want to go and live with him.

According to them there was no physical relationship which leads me to believe it was more of an infatuation.


I am ready to forget it and work with her to get back to normal life or may be better life. How do I go about doing this? I need your advice.

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It sounds as though your wife and friend were not unfaithful, but whether or not they were the decision to fogive is yours. You will undoubtedly need time to get through this. Time is really the only healer. It also tells you whether or not you will make it. If you truly love eachother, both of you, you can get through anything. Love is an amazing thing. Children are even more amazing at times. It sounds as though the love you both have for your little girl is common ground enough for you to survive.

If you haven't already, talk to your wife about the reasons for her indiscretions. From there, find out what you both can do to make the future brighter in your marriage. Your plea for advice shows that you care enough to do everything in your power to fix your relationship and if she feels the same then you have already succeeded. Be open, honest, communicative and sensitive to one another and you will pass this point in your lives with ease and a sense of achievement. That will ultimately bring you closer together and strengthen you as a couple as long as no one dwells on past negativity.

Best wishes.

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