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Should I worry that my Ex G/F is now Bi-sexual?

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I think that my ex g/f is now seeing someone else, another woman.

For those who read my previous post 'Advice with a Ex-G/F' will know the problems that I went through with her.Just before we spilt she mentioned that she had become friendly with another girl who she thought was bi, and now she's round her house virtually every single night.

I know I shouldn't feel angry about it as she is my ex and that I shouldn't let it bother me, but it does, if at last she has found someone who makes her happy then I am glad for her in a way, but on the same front I now feel really hurt, we live three doors down from one another, and it makes it really hard for me to walk past her house and see her car parked there all night, am I just paranoid, I know that I shouldn't give a sh@t about her and that I could be just jumping to conclusions, what say you people out there?


Thanks JC

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I'm not sure how accurate my advice will be since the girl in question here for you is actually your ex, but I will tell you what I know anyway. I am currently dating a girl that I have known since highschool. We dated for 8 months during my Junior year. She was a Senior and going to college so we both agreed that things wouldn't work. We went our separate ways and 12 years later we are dating again, only things are different now. She is divorced, has two children. Things clicked very well for us the second time around though and we have spent a great deal of time together, during which we have shared a lot of life experiences. Included in hers was a sexual encounter with her best friend (female). As you can imagine, I immediately started worrying whether or not she would leave me for another woman. My worry hasn't ended since. We've been dating for 5 months now and every time she doesn't call me, I worry she is with another woman or out doing something uninhibited. She has even taken the conversation to bed with us. Mentioning three ways with her and another female friend. When confronted with this subject, she says it's just to turn me on and that she would only do it if I wanted her to. I openly asked her at one point if she thought she would ever become bisexual. She said she probably would've become bisexual if she didn't have kids. Well, that sets my mind at ease . She goes so far as to have dreams about other women as well. You see, I love which prevents me from just ditching her not having one shred of proof that she has been unfaithful. In your case, she is no longer your girlfriend, but....you still feel as though she might have been engaging in this type of behavior while you dated or you may feel slighted at the possibility that she had an interest in this girl before you two broke up. I am faced with a difficult decision in my relationship as you probably were in yours. The best thing to do is avoid contact with her, but be happy for her that she has found happiness.

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