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Reminders: a poem about break up and healing afterwards.


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I'm currently going through a difficult break-up; not only is she my first love, but what we had was so special, even in the opinions of outsiders whothought they'd seen it all. But now it's over, she fell out of love and hurt me and I have all these feelings that had to come out.



by Carnatic


Reminders all around me, in every cupboard, every draw.

All throughout this house, in every room, through every door.


It is as though the days we, bared our souls and talked for hours;

are still around to haunt me, and tell me they're still ours.


We opened wide life's windows, and shared a common air;

and lived one life between us, closer than we dare.


But one day she would hurt me, those memories are naïve;

they aren't so dull and dirtied, and can't make me believe.


Can't make me believe fancies, that things will turn around;

as fickle Venus dances, and falls unto the ground.


So shall I turn my back then, and live for just today;

and only let them back when, I understand how toil makes hay.


One day I will get better, or so I'm often told,

But one day I'll forget her, and one day I'll be old.

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