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I really need some input here.

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Breakups really are a roller coaster of emotions...and not to mention confusion.

I'm so lost and it's really quite frustrating...I always think we've reached a level of understanding and somehow she finds a way to twist it into it being weird...she said she would start being more relaxed on me and she has..she hasn't been mean once since she said that but I really really really don't understand her...she starts talking to me on Friday on facebook and we were just having a good conversation, laughing. Nothing wrong at all. Then later that night she sends me a text when I'm out saying. "I hope you have fun tonight (Not being sarcastic, just a friend!) from me". So I send back just a simple "Will do, you too." No drama or fighting...I go to talk to her today on Facebook since I'm trying to talk to her a bit since we're going to a concert in 2 weeks most likely and I want everything to be smooth leading up too that. Today she just didn't seem interested in even talking to me though...but she was still being nice...then i say what are your 7 favorite songs because I'm going to burn a cd with all the good songs for the way down there in the car...and she says this..



..i dunno..

id have to look at my comp...

i don't know ...


things are so weird dude.



Really? whyy



I don't know



Anything I can do to make it not weird? I don't really understand fully.



yeah i'm not going into it

its just really weird between us

and i don't necessarily want to talk about a pre game cd

i'm just

that's kinda what i'm talking about

but anyways im tired.

i'll talk to u another time



And leaves it like that....and I'm left thinking what the heck did I even do....Why does she just flip from feeling one way a certain day then the next day feeling like that.....I really do not understand it what so ever...Do a lot of dumpers feel weird talking to there ex's or something?

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Ha! No. I think she is getting annoyed the you flipped the switch to b friend. I'll write more when I'm not on my phone.


I think it's hard for a ex couple now friends to get their footing. Itsn like a power struggle. My guess is she is flustered thAt u r not all ga-ga over her suddenly.

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Well I'm the one who was dumped. but there just seems to be some weird awkward friction between us all the time with her...I know it's not my doing because I'm just nice all the time but it's like she doesn't have her head on strait or some kind of bi-polar thing. It's very frustrating though.

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