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Friend thinks she is the best thing ever

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Ok well here is the long story cut short.

My friend who I have been friends with for 6 years, I introduced to a mutual friend, I would say hi to him occasionally chat to him online thats about it. They went out for two years and it ended badly. I became very close with her boyfriend almost like a best friend like she was to me. Anyway they broke up and it ended VERY badly.

Now I cannot stand her. I don't know if I have matured but she honestly thinks she is so hot and fantastic. She tells me that so many guys LUST after her, yet I never see her go on dates.

She came over to my house the other night for a dinner party and she got my sisters laptop and sat on face book while everyone was sitting around the couch talking and watching tv.

She is VERY attractive. But I don't know how much truth there is in the stories that she tells. She is kind hearted when she wants to be. But she also likes bringing me down when things are going right for her.

In the past my boyfriend and her have also fought. She isn't a nice person to people sometimes. She is VERY self centered and up herself.

I know she cheated on her boyfriend towards the end of the relationship and she has spun MOUNTAINS of lies about her past to him. I know the truth and it hurts me to see that she lied to him about her promiscuous past.

My boyfriend has made up with her and I think secretly she falls play into her attractive cuteness and has forgotten what she really is like.


I dont know what to do ... she is driving me INSANE.

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