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so i realize that this might be a slightly silly question, but i might potentially be going to my first pride parade next week (with my girlfriend) and i want to know what to expect... I suppose that, for some strange reason, i am intimidated by a gay event of such massive proportions haha


any interesting/funny/memorable/whatever pride parade memories from any of the veterans?

advice? lol

anything at all you would like to share?

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Well, I'm not gay but I've been to many gay pride parades. I go every year. I mean... who doesn't like a good parade? lol! Celebrating? Beer? I'm there! Hahaha...


Not sure where you live or why it would be such a big deal... don't be intimidated! We brought my friend's mom one time too. Good times had by all.

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So I just read your post, did you end up going to Pride? which one where you considering? I felt kind of weird the first time I ever went to pride, but I ended up really loving it! Its a placeld where you could actually be yourself and not feel judged. I actually have gone for three years now. a few things I have noticed is that its like all the people there are so friendly, and everyone is so giving. I went to the one in Long beach, and I plan to go to the one in LA this Saturday, and probably the one in San Diego in July.


Being Bi would be ok to go to Pride, there are people there that are straight. thats why its call Gay Lesbian BISEXUAL Transexual PRIDE

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