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Cod Liver Oil?

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Did any of you ever take Cod Liver Oil?

I heard it is really good for your health as well as skin and hair, but I also read that it has too much of vitamin A and vitamin D.

One lady even told me that she swears she has hardly any wrinkles cause of this supplement.


Please share if you have personal experience with it?

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I have no personal experience with it, but here is a review that is balanced and supported by scientific claims. I would take this information to heart.


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My advice would be to take regular fish oil capsules as well as a daily antioxidant. Be sure the manufacturer claims that the fish oil has been tested for levels of mercury. Always use any vitamin or supplement in moderation unless otherwise directed by a doctor. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. Two vitamins that do have a very low toxicity are B12 and Folate, the body can tolerate high amounts w/o any side effects.

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I take cod liver oil occassionally but not all the time because it is high in Vitamin A and too much Vitamin A causes problems. Vitamin A I think is probably the easiest Vitamin to overdose on. Yes, it is meant to be high in Vitamin D too, which is good, as we need Vitamin D supplementation unless we are getting plenty of sun.


I take a multivitamin with a good dose of Vitamin D.


Cod liver oil is also high in COQ10 - which is an antioxidant and anti-aging. That might be one reason your friend is finding it helpful.


Unless you get the right brand the cod liver oil might also have contaminents and mecury in it. That might be another reason not to take it frequently.

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