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Close Friend/Ex Girlfriend...


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Ok to cut a long story short, been with my ex for around 7-8 months now, we had problems like anyone does but coupled with both of us being in different places in life - her to Australia in a few months and me wanting to stay in the UK for now, we decided on officially breaking up last Monday (we did break once before but decided to give it another go) anyway we decided we would be friends, didn't really see each other much last week but met up few days a go and it was nice: however she was saying she has nothing to do this weekend etc and I invited her over tonight as having a few friends over myself, out of good will I guess as she hasn't got a lot of friends and she knows them all as well.


Anyway I text her the plans and explained I am working late but she is still welcome over, to my surprise she texts me saying - "yeah 10 is fine, I am going to Greg's today so will come with him".


To explain I always felt those two were close when we were in a relationship, things they would say, how they would act but to be honest it never really affected me as I can be the flirty type as well and I had no reason not to distrust any of them. However since I got that text my head is racing 700 miles per hour. I know we are finished and I know I probably haven't got any leg to stand on but am I over thinking this? or is this somewhat wrong of them to do? I mean I respect the honesty from her but I am very close to both and they are too me... I feel I am being disrespected here is that wrong?


Advice, should I say anything?

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Typically guys have an unspoken code where, if they care at all about each other, the ex is off-limits for at least a few months as to avoid these obvious feelings of betrayal. Breaking that may just be ignorance to the code, but I do find it disrespectful, or at least careless and thoughtless about the other's emotions, to do that. My ex left me for a "friend" - guess who isn't a friend anymore? And I could have slept with his girl a long while back, with his knowledge cuz they were in a sexually open relationship, a while ago and I didn't because I knew it'd cause trouble. So much for treating me the same.

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Sorry to hear that, hope you are keeping well.


Call it a rushed decision I don't know but I just explained I feel it is too soon to be friends and maybe we met up to soon. Basically I feel if my head is racing like this on hearing she is meeting up with someone (even if it is a friend) then I can't be over her and instead of putting myself in a situation were I might not be comfortable tonight, when all I want to do is relax with my friends, I would rather we have no contact for now.


Might be very selfish of me and she maybe over it but I am not and don't feel I should put up with someone who is reckless with my heart.

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