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making a big decision


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just wanted some feedback on this. i don't know if i'm doing the right thing, but i don't think i have much choice at the moment.


my current living situation has not been working out. my mother and her psycho boyfriend have essentially tried to ruin my life, and it has all but worked. i no longer live with them, thankfully, but because of what they put me through i have been unable to make things work for myself where i am now. my car is stranded two hours south because it needs repairs, insurance and re-tagging that i haven't been able to afford. i have been relying on friends and roommates to help me get around, but it just isn't working anymore. i have been unable to work recently because i've had no way to get to my freelance gigs, so i don't have any money at all and have been unable to pay my rent.


the only option that i can see right now is to move back to where i lived before, find work for the summer (it's a seasonal community) and try to save money.


a friend has agreed to move in with me to share expenses, but i don't know how confident i am in her word to do so. she has two kids who will also be staying with us and no job at the moment. we've both agreed that we are going to hit the ground running and find employment there asap, and we're going to share her car until i get some income and can afford to fix mine. i want to believe that this plan will work because it really seems like my only viable option.. but if it doesn't, i don't know what i'm going to do. in order to even set this up, i have to ask for a $300+ loan from my uncle just so we can pay the overdue water bill and restore the service.


the friend who's moving in with me doesn't have the greatest track record of responsibility, so i guess i'm just worried she might not keep up her end of the deal at some point. i want to believe she has grown up and will be responsible enough to pull this off, but i just have no way of knowing until we actually do it. i do have a friend who may be able to take her place if it doesn't work out (i would totally have offered it to her first, but didn't know she'd be interested until today), but i don't want to have to get to that point.


is it a bad idea to retract my offer to friend #1 and give it to friend #2 who is more responsible and DOES have a job? should i just have faith that the first friend will keep her end of the deal? is it crazy to even be doing this in the first place?


i appreciate any advice on this matter. thanks to anyone who replies.

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Not sure, but I have seen many good examples of people trusting people when they knew they shouldn't. Recently I had a friend that did the same exact thing, everyone told her not to but she did it any way. It started out good but after some time, rent money started coming up short and then not at all. I don't know, but maybe this will help, do you bet on the sure thing, or a maybe?

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nothing is a sure thing, i've definitely learned that.. but i definitely have to make this work somehow. i told friend #1 nicely that i would give her a week to come up with the first month's rent and if she couldn't, it would go to friend #2. i've tried to make it very clear to her that this has to work and that i don't want her to be upset if i have to choose someone else to move in with me. so i guess i'm just gonna have to wait and see what the next week brings. if she finds a way to come up with the money then i'll know she's serious about making this work.. and if she doesn't, then friend #2 will.

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