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dealing with some troubling thoughts


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There have been some things on my mind which I've not wanted to deal with and so I've been pushing them away, pushing them away.


Not a great way to deal. That is the situation though. It just feels so overwhelming.


It's to the point now where I'm having trouble to relax enough to be able to think or function decently. Burning out with stress, unnecessarily, from poor coping.


Where to even start? What is good way to tackle a series of troubling problems?


This is going to stay general bc since the edit is now gone, I don't want to post for ever my personal problems in too much detail. If you will take on my word that this isn't anxiety based on nothing. It's a whole slew of problems that have fallen on me at once, and after having shut down for a while, at this point I have to find a way to successfully manage them all fairly quickly.


Sad to say, this isn't my strong suit and I'm asking for help for strategy and action that could get this in control fast.



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Hi. I know all about having everything happen at once. It helps me to think of it all as individual school assignments or work assignments. You come first, no question. Good diet, exercise and rest. Then the most important thing that cannot be put off like a mortgage payment. Then the medium important things, then the rest.

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Thanks wave. It was coming to a head and I felt a freak out coming on.


You hit what I need to do but have been neglecting: prioritizing. Insert cursing here. lol.


First thing I need to do is chill out and starting organizing my tasks. I don't even know which is more urgent than the next at the moment, it's a pile of mess all screaming at me at the moment.


thanks a lot.

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Tackling one thing at a time usually helps. It is when it is all bundled together and looks so overwhelming, that one wants to give up.


Maybe try tackling a small problem first and seeing how it resolves, and let that give you the impetus to tackle the other parts. Or else tackle the biggest problem first and then go on down.


Sometimes seeing that you can handle one thing out of the many, helps you realize you can tackle ALL of it, but one piece at a time.

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Thank you. You are right. Part of the reason I'm freaking out is that I keep vaguely focusing on everything all at once, trying to solve all problems at once and so doing nothing. And stressing myself out in the process!!


Tonight I need a good sleep. No worrying allowed.


This is why I love enotalone. Seriously. Life preserver.

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I have had lots of bad difficult things happen to me all at once recently and I understand its very overwhelming. I would say talk talk talk about it to someone, and/or write it down and come up with solutions to each and act on them. One at a time. If you cannot resolve some or all, let go of the responsibility you are attaching to it x

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Taking the first step to get organized and prioritized is sometimes the hardest part when feeling overwhelmed! Keep breaking things down into small steps as you deal with each problem.


Learning to manage stress is really important. It's often a physical reaction, so the first step is to decompress so you can sleep better. As others have suggested, exercise, eating well (make sure you're eating well, because sometimes stress takes away your appetite), talking to a friend, and writing your feelings out all help. Taking a hot bath before you go to sleep helps too.


Then recognize that there are some things that are out of your control. Focus on doing the best you can. Keep breathing deeply. Be good to yourself. It's going to be okay.

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