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I think I'm pregnant? Please help! ASAP


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Ok so I have gotten my period but it was extremely crampy but a very light flow just a few clots. And my periods are usually as regular as clock work and very heavy flow and I'm talking heavy! (sorry for the tmi stuff) It was about 8 days late. And before that I have been extremely nauseous, tired, hungry, sore breasts, very bloated, even gassy! all the signs of pregnancy not to mention my clothes are all tight and uncomfortable now and I literally busted out of two bras!! LITERALLY. I took 3 first response tests and all of them were negative! But I'm so bloated all the time! I'm just trying to figure out if I could still be pregnant? Please help me. I need the advise and opinions!

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Most (all?) over the counter pregnancy tests detect a hormone in your pee (HCG) that only exists if you are pregnant. They need a certain level of hormone in order to be able to detect it. For this reason, there is no such thing as a 'false positive' - but there is such thing as a 'false negative'. It is possible that you are pregnant and you are simply not producing enough of the hormone yet for the test to pickup on.


That being said - all of the symptoms you are experiencing could be due to PMS, or simply skipping a period, or... well... if you THINK you are pregnant, sometimes the mind does weird things to you. The brain is a powerful organ.


You can wait it out or you can go to the doctor. That's really the only way to know at this point.

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It is true that tests need a certain level of hCG. Still my guess would be that if you have levels SO low that a test doesn't pick it up, it is quite unlikely that you'd have real 'pregancy symptoms' caused by that exact hormone (it is the rising of hCG that causes nausea at least).


Still, false negatives exist, but I think the chance that you're pregnant while having a heavy period AND three negative tests, is kind of small.


Did you have unprotected sex?

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Blood tests at the doctor will detect hCG as low as 3 units per whatever. The most sensitive I have read for a home test is 20 units. When in doubt, go to the doctor. My clinic does walk in pregnancy tests, so I can't imagine it will take long, and you'll likely have the results back same day or next day, depending on how big where you go is.

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