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Asking out a girl at a university library.


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It's exam time, and because I am at home for a while, I have been using my local university's library and campus to revise for my exams. Whilst I have been here, I have seen many attractive women, and have really wanted to talk to them. I have no idea what to say to a woman in a library, though.


How would you/have you approached this? How should I walk up to a girl studying or in the cafe? What to talk about? Is it rude, and would it be uncomfortable?

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In a library, I'd go with the note approach. Just sit down with her and slip her a note that says, "Since it's rude to talk in here, how about we go get some coffee when you're finished? I'm "


If she's studying (like really studying, with intent focus and such) in a coffee shop, the approach is a bit more difficult. You could always try singing to her. It's likely to fail, but then so is most any other approach, and at least singing will put her off guard. Now, if she's only studying half-heartedly and looking around a lot, then you can always try to catch eye contact and see if you can get a smile. If you do, then ask if you can join her.

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