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SHE hits ME....


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two problems


I dont know why...i asked her and she said she didnt know.....but all the time she hits me...she thinks its funny.......i love her dearly and dont want to leave her.....but its getting hard i told her to stop she doesnt....im NOT GOING TO HIT BACK.....


we have been fighting latly...and even if i drop it she always picks it back up...


what to do

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She hits you and still does it even when you have told her to stop. That's called physical abuse. There are plenty of women who physically abuse their partner...there is no room for physical abuse in a relationship, not by men, not by women. You should walk away from this relationship and spell it out to her very plainly that you do not tolerate physical assaults.

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Some women feel they can do this because they are reassured by their partner that they would NEVER hit a lady.


So......why not be a B and go all out?


I remember an ex of mine used to tickle me and then when i started laughing she would use her nails and start scratching me so i would stop laughing.

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This is physical abuse. It just as bad as a situation in which a man hits a woman.



You shouldn't stay in this relationship. Do you really want a future with someone who thinks this is ok? If you have children with her one day do you want her to hit them and/or have them grow up thinking it is ok for women to hit men and laugh about it?


How long have you been together?

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Is she hitting you playfully, or when she's mad at you? Whatever it is, this IS abuse and you should NOT put up with it. You have asked her to stop and she ignores you. This shows you her true character and she obviously doesn't care how you feel. Is this really someone you want to be with forever?


It's abuse, plain and simple.

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Some women feel they can do this because they are reassured by their partner that they would NEVER hit a lady.



id slap the taste out of her mouth lol


jk, don't do that. don't want you to get in trouble.


however if its that bad and she starts puttin some marks on you and you have no way out then do so. last resort. call police, leave relationship. do your best to avoid situations.

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Your best move is to move on.


Take it from someone who has been there: This can go to dark places you don't want to go, and there is very little in the way of help that is actually helpful for you as a man with an abusive wife/girlfriend. Your best bet is to get out, and get away before you have any attachments with this woman that can not easily be broken (such as children, marriage, mutual property). Its not as uncommon as you might think, and she is giving you a warning sign about her behavior now that you should pay attention to.


Take some time, and read where a lot of this can go at: link removed

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