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Should I try to get my ex bf back?

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I was dating a guy two years ago. We were together for one year. One day unexpectedly I received a job offer to work abroad for one year. The opportunity was so good that I took it. My boyfriend wanted me to stay, but did not tell me. He said before I left that I must come back. I told him that I would come back.

We did not keep in contact while I was abroad due to some misunderstandings. There was a woman abroad who got the job offer for me who told him about me, and apparently she talked bad about me, so he got disappointed in me. The day that I was departing, he was in meetings at work, so we could not say goodbye and arrange to keep in contact. It took me longer than expected to come back to my country, because I still had work to do. It took me one year and a half to go back. When I came my ex-boyfriend was angry and ignoring me. He looked at me as if I was invisible, but he still said hello, and asked for my number. However, he did not call me. He called me later on when I talked to one of his friends, but our conversation was only job related. Last time I saw him he was in a better mood, he flirted with me. Did he mean it? Was he flirting for real or was he making fun of me? Every time I try to see him I feel like a fool, but I still feel something for him. That is why I still try to see him. I think I took him for granted, that was my mistake, I admit it. I have called him some times through his secretaries since I don´t have his direct phone number, and all they say is that they have told him, but he did not say when he could meet me, this happened like two months ago.

He is 47, and I am 32. He is divorced long time ago and he is a public figure. I don´t know if he is dating someone else. When we were dating he would call me every day, sometimes twice a day. So based on what I said, do you think I still have a chance with him, or is this a lost cause? What should I do?

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"The day that I was departing, he was in meetings at work, so we could not say goodbye and arrange to keep in contact."


I don't understand... why weren't arrangements made prior to the last day?


Just see where it goes.... but don't bank on it.

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