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I really dont know how to handle this.


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My girlfriend and I went out for two years. We were best friends, and loved each other so much. I literally would have done anything for her. But recently, she just stopped answering my calls, and I see on her Facebook all pictures of her hanging out with her friends and I dont know why she just randomly stopped talking to me. It's been about a month now that we haven't talked. I dont know what to do. I consider myself single now because we havent spoken in a month, even though we never officially broke up. I dont understand why this happened or why after two years I did not get the respect of an official breakup, if she didnt want to be with me. I really just dont know what to do. I've been crying and upset about it for days now, especially every time I see new pictures of her. I really just do not understand.

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If you haven't talked to her in over a month then this should be able to tell you that its officaly over. And that for you to move on and find real happiness. I know how it feels to be left like that and not knowing what happened. But if i were in the same postion as you I wouldn't want to find out why the left and never heard from again. I had this happen to me plenty of times. I know the feeling doesn't feel good. but look at the bright side of this and be able to move past this. It might take a couple of days or weeks for you to heal but i'm sure the outcome of it will be okay. Hang in there I know you'll get through this.

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Did you guys get into an argument? Is that why you haven't spoken to each other in a month?


Sounds like she broke up with you. Trust me its better this way because then you don't have to endure the blame and feel a loss of self worth. Its painful.


Do your best to move on hang out with friends do things that you enjoy find new hobbies.


I feel your pain. Good luck. You will eventually find "the one" you just have to search.

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I really don't understand either. Unless she is 12 years old.


I agree with the others. That is very immature. For whatever reason, she was too scared to do it the adult way.


What matters is that you are now free. You are no longer trapped in a relationship with such an immature person. Do yourself a favor and block her on Facebook. Please don't torture yourself with pictures of her. It will just make the pain worse and prolong getting over.


You deserve better.

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Thanks to everyone who replied. Yes, we did get into an argument but it was very, very stupid. Nothing serious. We were on the phone and I just had an attitude with her because I was upset about something she said. She said she had to go and would talk to me later and I said okay, and she stopped talking to me ever since. That was over a month ago.


I tried contacting her for a week after that, sending her FB messages, texts, calls, everything. But no answer. During this time I realized she was going out with her friends and so I got fed up and decided I wanted to end it with her. So I texted her telling her to comeover (so I could officially break up with her, but I didnt say thats the reason I wanted her to comeover). I just said that I wanted to talk to her about things. But still no answer. So after a week I just stopped, and I havent tried to talk to her since. Eventually I just changed my FB relationship status to single and decided to get my mind off of it with someone else. I rebounded with someone else but it didnt work out with her. And now I just cant stop thinking about my ex. Even when I was with this other girl, I got very upset because it wasnt my ex.


I know that I should be going out with friends, but I feel like I dont want to. Everywhere I go, I think of her. She was my best friend and the only person I enjoyed hanging out with. Everything reminds me of her. It's so hard to move on.


The hardest part is knowing that she changed so much. In the beginning, everything was perfect. She was good to me, I was good to her. We were the perfect couple. We even talked about marriage. Everyone keeps telling me I deserve better, but I cant shake the feeling that she is the most amazing girl Ive ever met. And that I wont find another girl like her, no matter what bad she has done to me. She will always be amazing in my eyes. Thinking this way is making it so hard to move on but I cant help it. I cant let go of the girl she used to be.


We are both 20 years old and I agree that it is very immature of her to act this way. I do want to delete her off of facebook, and all of our mutual friends. (The boys she hangs out with now, her best friend who I am not very close with anymore, and anyone who would put up pictures of her). But I really do want to talk to her and I know that deleting her will get her even more angry with me, and right now thats the last thing that I want. I do need to speak with her soon, she has a lot of my things at her house that I do want back. I have just been waiting for the right time to ask her for them back.

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I'm sorry to hear you're hurting deeply. It was a cold-hearted thing on her part to just leave you deserted.


As hard as it may be right now and trying to make sense out of the situation and hoping for that chance that she may come back, you need to redirect that focus onto yourself. It may not happen overnight but little by little by redirecting that mind to heal everyday will allow you to think clearly about the situation. Anyone can tell you that you deserve much better and she was a horrible person. But you're the only person that exactly know who you are, where you were before you met her and how you can get yourself back on the feet and realize what is best for you.


As far as your belongings go I would keep the contact minimal, if it's not large items that she can put out in front of the door I would do and not see her. After that do your best to stay NC.

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