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Deleting ex's best friend today from FB...need advice on how to do it respectfully

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Kinda relevant question but would it be bad to ask my closest best friends (about 6 of em) to delete my ex? They haven't yet, and of course, I haven't either but I've been contemplating deactivating my facebook...and I don't want him to see pictures of me if my friends upload any.


I think we over analze this stuff WAY too much. Try not caring. When you have a thought of your ex, say outloud, "Nope, don't care."


You can break your habit of thinking about your ex if you practice thought stopping enough. Everytime I think about my ex, I say this and immediately turn my thoughts to something else, something positive. My fav thing is my million dollar fantasy and that is imagining that I win a million dollars and I'm traveling the world in awe of the places that I visit, meeting interesting people, enjoying the food and the culture.


People don't think they can take control of their thoughts but they can. Most just don't want to.

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Ha yes...it is much easier said than done!


Why do you think so many of us still focus on the past and think about the future so much? Sometimes it's hard to control the mind to just shift the focus to the present. I'm working on it, all right?!

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I'm sorry that you are frustrated. It wasn't that long ago that I felt the same way. For me, I made a conscious decision that i would stop fretting, worrying, wondering, guessing because I realized I was simply spinning my wheels in my head and going nowhere fast. Time to stop.


That was the best thing that I could have done for myself.

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