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Question for guys re signs


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I am friendly with a guy who I know gets teased about how well we get on.


I noticed for the last few months that if we talk in front of them he never makes eye contact with me but does when we are on our own.


If I keep my distance for a day or two he starts sending me messages, leaving newspaper articles that he thinks I would be interested and makes more of an effort etc.


Is the lack of eye contact a bad sign and what does it mean when guys make more of an effort if they pick up on signals that the girl is keeping her distance?


Should I continue keeping my distance to see is this makes him more relaxed and maybe the others that tease him (wish people would leave him alone) will move as well?

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Of course he makes eye contact with u when you are alone..who else is he supposed to look at?

I dont think he necessarily picks up that you are keeping a distance.If your friends don't talk to you for a while you also will start talk to them,right?

I think it's a bit too early to jump to the conclusion?

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