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I finally got my stuff back, and then...

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Four months or so after break up, I got my stuff back from my ex-gf, plus money she owed me.


She dropped it off in a bag. After a quick rummage, her perfume (practically a full bottle) and cardigan is in there too


I text her immediately to tell her she left other things of hers in the bag. She said she'd pick it up the next day. Texts me the next day and day after to put off picking it up. I replied to those just agreeing.


After five or so days with no contact, I tried calling her once to offer to drop it off at her place, pretty much returning the favor. No answer. I just left it at that and no contact since from either of us (just over 2 weeks).



I know people would probably tell me I'm over thinking this

Just curious as to what her reasons (or lack thereof) for this is. It would've been so easy to just do a U-turn on her way home to pick it up on the same day she dropped off my stuff, I mean she could've have gotten too far to do so haha.


Maybe it isn't too important? Excuse to get in touch in the future? Should I sell it Should I try get in touch to remind her about it?

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You're overthinking it


If you want to be nice(depending on how you were treated during the breakup) I'd just ship it to her, if not I'd just wait a week or 2 then toss it.


Although I will say I had an ex (I was dumper that time) try to leave her purse at my house so she had an excuse to come back, but I would think that would be a little odd for the dumper to do. Maybe she was busy or having a bad day so she didnt want to deal with turning around, and then the next day she didnt want to go though another contact (cause its ackward).


Either way I think you are overthinking it. If she wants to talk to you or see you she knows she can pick up the phone and call or whatever.

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