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I have no friends or Family


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I am age 18 and i just did 14 months in a Juvinile Facility for agg. robbery.

i have been out for 8 months and i lost almost every friend that i considered a friend. To make a long story short, while i was in jail, i studied my Drivers Licence book, Got my GED, got accepted in a College, and i have a record label who wants to give me a deal. All i want to do is go to college get a job and get my drivers licence, but because i am not living the life that my family imagined i was going to live when i was 11 or 12 years old, they do not help me with nothing no matter how hard i try to get help.I told my mom this and she said "Sometimes you have to do things in life that you dont want to do....This enraged me because the only thing that i am doing that i dont want to do is Sit on my ass all day and time is passing me by. I cant even get a job because my mom acts like she doesnt like to take me "Job Hunting", but if i can get my Licence, she wouldnt have to worry about it but when i mention getting my licence she somehow changes the subject and ignores me...what should i do, i cry and throw temper Tantrums to show my emotions and my family members just Bring up how stressful their life is and was.....I really need help before i decide to just become the Criminal i used to be, because it seems like that is what evrybody around me is waiting for.](*,)

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everybody makes mistakes, who cares what they think.


you know you did wrong and you are working on it. while you are in there, u study and study.


it just takes time for people to believe in you again and lots of work. JUST DONT GIVE UP


don't go back to your mistake, even if no one is there for you. You can do it yourself, you need no one, until you think that they truly trusted you


even if u dont know me, ill support you, it really touches me because of what you just said and what you been doing


good luck Trell

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Do not give up. Do not let your family members bring you down or hold you back. If you don't know how to get loans or apply to schools or anything, look for help elsewhere. There are places and people out there who will help you. In fact, I'll you what--if you can't get support from someone around you, I will help you. I'm in professional school and I know my way around college applications, financial aid, and educational loans. If your mother won't help you get to job interviews, take the bus. I can teach you how to look up schedules too. Just do not, for any reason, give up. You've made it this far already. You realized your mistakes, you paid your debt to society, and you worked hard to get as much education in there as you could. Do not throw it all away now. Also, do not throw tantrums. That just somehow shows your family members that you're immature and not ready to do great things. Act like an adult. Do not let them get to you and keep on going. It is possible. I have not had it easy either, not as hard as you, but I have had to do certain things myself that would have been easier had I had help. It can be done.

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We all do things we look back on and think we shouldn't have done. I dont like to call them mistakes as they're only mistakes if you keep repeating the same thing over and over without learning what you're doing wrong.


Life can be hard at times and it can suck when you have no friends who support you and family who dont really understand you.


You need to find where your passion lies and go with it, not an easy thing to do but the rewards are incredible. Dont settle for second best and dont settle for things you dont want to be doing, live the life you dream of living!

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I have stolen... from my parents which prolly doesnt count, but I think you need to really think about what you want. If you want to be a criminal, go for it, if you don't, find a crappy job so you can get experience and move on with your life. I vote the latter.

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Why not pick a day and say to mom (or someone with a car)..."I'm going to take my drivers lisence test on (Wednesday). This is very important to me and the first step towards getting a job and moving on from the past. I'd really appreciate a ride"

I don't see how she could turn you down.

At the same time, she's a human being and I'm sure she's disappointed and having a whole range of emotions about your choices versus what she imagined for you. I'm not a parent yet, but I'm sure it's difficult for her.

Have some compassion and understanding for her and hope she pays it forward.

Best wishes.

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