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Would it be stupid to break up with someone by reading a letter to them?


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I think it would be better to try and memorise the important parts. Reading a letter out seems a bit theatrical to me.


But if you're breaking up with him anyway, do you really need to say a lot more than sorry and why?


We have been together for 3 years and there are quite a few reasons why which I have trouble remembering, especially when I'm all worked up trying to talk to him.

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Reading from a piece of paper after 3 years together seems a little cold. Why not give him the why (general idea) and give him the letter to read at a later time. That way you can be face to face and honest/sincere and also get out what you want to say in greater detail without being interrupted.

Best wishes.

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I think it would be fine. I read my ex a letter (in person) for the very same reasons. I get very emotional. I asked him if it was OK to read the letter and he was fine with that. It wasn't theatrical or dramatic - just complete. I gave him the letter when I was done. Good luck.

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in short: yes it would be


Why not just have an honest open conversation and PLEASE do not do it over msn/phone/text or whatever


then again I may just be biased because all I really got was a "i think we were better as friends" funny thing is WE WERE NEVER REALLY FRIENDS! ok I'm just ranting now


just try to make your break up as nice as possible. no matter how contradictory that may seem

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Why don't you just give him the letter to read himself...no need to read it to him. Let him read the entire letter without any interruptions and then discuss the letter in person--face to face...this way you get to express everything that you wanted to communicate, plus you're also giving him a chance to talk to you face to face afterwards...

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