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I don't get this get this woman?


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I have been on two dates with this girl I know from my bible study class. Both dates have been great and she seemed to enjoy them. While it has been working great I find her the oddest woman in the world. When I am on dates with her she is alive and talked for a long time. When we are picked up by my friend and his wife, she doesn't really talk to me I have to be the one to start a conversation. I ask my friend who works with her if she likes me and he says yes she does. He says if she didn't like you she would stop going to church and even won't sit next you in church or bible study. She seems to me to be a bit shy. I ask my friend also when he drops me off if she says anything when I leave and he says she doesn't say anything either way. One thing I have learned about her is that she likes cocky humor, so I have figured out a way to communicate with her. I am wondering if its normal for women to be like this?

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You really, really can't generalise about people on the basis of gender. It sounds as though she's a shy person who feels relaxed when it's just the two of you, but feels self-conscious when you're together in company. I've had several friends of both sexes who are like this.


If your dates are fine, then stop worrying and ENJOY!

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