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something positive - had a good weekend!!!

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i just felt the need to post this so it's 'on the record' and for anyone who reads this that is feeling down. i'm about 6-7 months post breakup of a 5 year relationship. hell, horrible, very very bad, for anyone who hasn't read my posts. last week i had a bad, bad, weekend, a breakdown and was feeling horrible.


this weekend was....good. not great, but good. i actually had fun, didn't think about him too much, if at all (i honestly can't remember) and was flirting with cute boys. i felt more like myself than i have in months and months. so, i guess the point of this post is - just remember, even though you feel down and the worst you have, even if it's months and months after the breakup with no catalyst and for no reason, it doesn't mean things won't turn around very quickly. don't get me wrong, i will probably be back here saying how sad i am again, but this is proof that i am moving on. i want to put it out there that things DO get better and we are all going to make it past whatever we are going through. it makes us better people and it makes us better partners for the next guy/girl that comes along.


best of luck to you all!

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