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Surrogate Mothers?


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Anyone have information/onions on getting a surrogate mother? I have some health/mood problems and would need to be on meds during pregnancy. I don't want to of course due to birth defects. I am considering a surrohgate mother. my husband and I want our own child so much and I heard it costs the same as adoption. about 25,000. But I heard you can find it cheaper if it's someone outside of an agency.

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Sidehop has a Journal in the Journals section that is very informative as his wife is a surrogate mother.

Here is the link

He gives a lot of information and I think if you take the time to read some of the things he writes it will help you.


Good luck.

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Lol congratulations on your choice and what will hopefully help you hear baby feet before too long! Take comfort, we are out there, I've wanted to be a surrogate mother for a few years now, ever since a friend of mine found out she couldn't hold a fetus. Unfortunately due to the amount of medications she would have to be off of just to harvest her eggs, surrogacy wasn't an option for her either. After that, I went to sign up for an agency, but all the ones I found require you to have at least 2 children of your own (of which I have none. Waiting for the right time!) So good luck, keep looking, and maybe even ask on craigslist or some other forum/newspaper/website. Just be willing and ready to have a lawyer present to write up a stiff contract that can cover all the what-ifs and ugly scenarios. Good luck to you and congrats!

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Do you happen to have anyone in your family that may possibly be able to help you to carry the baby? As far as finding a surrogate mother privately, there are forums and websites dedicated to networking with other potential surrogates. If cost is an issue, there's also an option to find surrogates overseas like in India which you may want to look at. The process will vary, there's a lot of process involved so I can't pinpoint you in just one direction but take your time in finding the right surrogate if you do decide to go through that route.


I feel for anyone who cannot have their own child, I do hope you & your husband will find a way to have a baby. Good luck!

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