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initiating contact with new guy...


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i want to message a guy on facebook and just say hello!! i think he's pretty cute and seems really nice. ive met him in passing a couple times (he went to high school with some of my friends)... i need help figuring out what to say! also would like to know if it's creepy to do this...we're not friends on facbeook because we've really only briefly met but really not talked...


i'm not sure if he'll remember who i am even so if this is a creepy idea please tell me. THANKS!!

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Honestly, most guys don't mind chatting to random girls whether they know them well or not. The term 'creepy' is generally only used by girls that describe guys who try to do the same.


So, I would suggest just doing it. Enjoy the fact that you stand to have less chance of getting shut down from him than if it was the other way around.

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dudette, we never take interest in a girl unless the girl shows little interest by herself...we males never waste time on women, there are better things to do in life like football etc...most of females don't understand this simple logic.


Just say 'hi' and bring back some old memories about ur high school...if the dude is interested, he will pick up the cue and will start regular correspondence...don't worry..

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If you are going to start off contact with him, keep it light and friendly, and don't overly flirt with him. "Creepy" may not exist in the male dictionary, but "overly forwards" and "desperate" do, and you may give off these signals to him if you rush things too fast, even if you aren't either of those things (and I'm sure you are not).


Us guys are not cavemen, we can pick up easily if a girl is interested. He will notice soon enough, and if he is interested in well, he will reciprocate.


Funnily enough, my now-fiancee actually had a crush on me for months and was too nervous to let me know until I added her and began talking to her on Facebook after an band event we both attended. From there, we began hanging out and here we are today. So, just start talking to him, you never know what may happen. Good luck!

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