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Need a bit of support

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Hi Mustachio -

I think it is normal for these old feelings to come up when starting to date someone new. We start to remember again all the stuff we did with our ex. I recommend continuing to recognize those feelings and if they become too overwhelming, then you are not ready to date.


Also, try not to compare the two - different people bring different things to relationships. I recommend keeping an opened mind but if you cant get your ex out of your mind or you are not satisfied with the new relationship, then it is no fair to anyone to continue on with it.


Well I have been seeing this new girl almost two months now, and the thoughts and feelings have been there for the last month or so, and they have been getting stronger. Overwhelming? not even close, but enough that it is still bothering me to the point that I want to do something about it. I just dont know what.


I am not really comparing too much, I mean it is difficult to not compare at all, I mean my ex was my first girlfriend and I was with her for 7 years, so its what I was used to. But the comparisons are in no way meant to measure who is better, if that makes sense. And about continuing on, well that is something I am going to have to determine on my own over the next few weeks.


Tomorrow though I am actually heading out towards the direction my ex lives for the first time since the breakup and thinking about it is really making me miss visiting her... I am getting very tempted to contact her.

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Well I made an appointment with my therapist who I havent seen for 3 weeks due to other circumstances. I think it should be good considering so much has gone on in my life recently. I dont know if has to do with all these big changes happening making me want to contact my ex or not.


I still am getting these urges to contact her, even though I know theres a 99% chance that nothing good with come from it... I am definitely capable of holding out until my appointment and probably a lot longer, but these feelings are still there. I want to try and do something but beyond just going on with my life I am not sure what to do with it all.

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