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Why can't I attract a man I feel a mutual attraction for?


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I'm really annoyed! I always seem to attract men I don't find that physically appealing or they just don't spark my interest romantically. It's really frustrating because I'm not asking for much in a guy really. It's just I always seem to attract men I feel nothing for. It's really something that I can't help. I mean I can't help who I like. Then with the guys I do like, it's like they never approach me or they never seem interested. This pattern really irks the heck out of me.


I like a guy, he's not into me....

I'm not into a guy.. he likes me..... UGH ](*,)

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Why not just show the guys you like a little body language? Look at him until he catches your eye, then smile. That will say a lot in my opinion.


...........this is coming from a guy. Meeting people you are attracted to shouldn't be that difficult.

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Maybe you are attracted to what you feel you can’t have. If a guy shows interest you know you can have him so you end up not being interested. Seriously I have felt this way sometimes about girls. The girls who actually have the guts to make a move on me tend to do it with zero encouragement from me and are usually someone I am not attracted to.


Yet the ones I do flirt back with and I’m sure show a decent level of interest in never cross the line to let me know how they feel. Sometimes they flirt. Usually they’re the ones to start the flirting because I’m honestly too shy to start it with them usually. But in the end if I do flirt back and pay attention they never push past flirting.


And if I make a move they end up saying they aren’t interested and some even deny having ever been interested. It’s all very confusing and frustrating. And women wonder why some guys never make a move no matter how many signals they send out. It’s because some girl sent those same signals out and then said they didn’t mean what we thought they meant. Now we don’t trust our own instincts anymore.

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Honey that's life, you're not alone. I'm the same, I don't know the feeling of being attracted to someone who feels the same way back. It seems like it happens so easily with others, but for me, the ones I attract are always really creepy and I'm almost never physically attracted to them. As for the ones I like... year after year I like a couple of guys but they never feel the same way towards me. Either it's because I liked the unattainable ones or they're just not interested in me, period.


I tried to initiate hanging out and stuff with this current guy I like but he's just not responding.


NEver give up.

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I've had the same problem. It sucks. But if possible it can be helpful. Just be open and honest with the ones you are not attracted to. Maybe they could end up be friends. What is it about these other guys that you are attracted too?

One thing I've found is that it is so much easier to talk to guys that I'm not interested in. So it's easier to be open/honest with them, which they like. Maybe it is that way with you too, dunno.

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