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Could we start again please?


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Ok, so this isn't actually Jdancer but a friend asking a question through this username. I'd tried to get my own account but the activation was a battle so i said screw it Having said that :


So recently met a girl who goes/went to my school. We went out and seemed to hit it off well and one thing lead to another and we both agreed that we rushed into things. We kinda got into a disagreement about what we wanted as far as what we wanted. She says she likes me but she's trying to "Figure things out" (seeing other people) . I will admit that I rushed things a little bit too much and she does not like to rush things. she admits that she messed up too. We have talked briefly (and by briefly i mean BRIEF because i didn't really know what to say ](*,)). She's going through summer classes and transitioning to a new school and new major. Her new school is about an hour away and i know next year is going to be critical year for my future and what I want. As i'm writing this message i'm starting to come to the conclusion that i'm better off leaving this as a friendship. I like her and would love to pursue but she's a pretty girl (she's a fashion model actually) and i know guys are going to be over her. So how do I go about telling her that I want to start over without being all lifetimey and awkward about it?

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If she'd like to see you as well as other people, that's up to you. It seems you already discussed the rushing things and she's already said her bit about trying to figure things out so it doesn't seem to need any further clarification. If you're able to get together with her from time to time and you enjoy each other's company...why not? So long as you're not uncomfortable with it not being exclusive.

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