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Kind of freaking out. It's a long one.


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Back in March I got a text from an ex GF that said "what the f do I have to do? I'm sorry."


So I called her to talk to her. We talk about alot of things, mostly her talking; true love, where we might be if we had stayed together from the beginning, past mistakes, we still love eachother.


So we decide we want to give this another shot but that LDR is not going to work because we've tried trhat twice before and it just doesn't work for us.


So anyway, we get back together; I broke up with the girl that I was with for 9 months, put my notice in at work, and start looking for a job and an apartment, down near her. We are swithing off weekends to see eachother at this point. I find a job. She tells me that she wants to get a place with me and I agree to it.


We went and looked at a few places a couple of weeks ago and signed a lease last wednesday.


Now she is telling me she is worried that we rushed into everthing (true), she is scared that it's not going to work out and that I will blame her for moving, etc, She's just freaking out.


Now I'm startign to freak out because if it doesn't work out I'm going to be screwed.


I don't know anyone where I am moving to I have no friends there, if things go south I've got nobody to help me out.


I don't know now I'm just freaking out about it now too.

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This is why we as guys have an obligation to partially live up to the image of all those mean things women call us. Otherwise one quick conversation about true love and you quit your job and your life to move in with somebody and try out a relationship that hasn't worked in the past. If you love her AND it's worth it (to you!), do what you have to do if that's where you're at. If you feel like you made a mistake, you might want to admit it and go back. It's not my job or anyone else's to tell you how to run your life or be happy.

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Totally agree with mikeyx22, it seems like you are taking all the risks here. It's your life and you need to take control, too many times in the past I have made all the sacrifices for girls only to have it thrown back in my face and they wounder why we act the way we do never again is all I can say my friend.


Sorry if thats not much help given your situation and hopefully things will work out and it will be worth it.


Best thing to do is talk to her and not panic, take it one step at a time and if it is not right for you, then do what you have to. Perhaps you should not live together if you both think it is too soon, but stay in the same town, find a flat share for yourself and make some new friends that way if it all goes pear shaped at least you are not high and dry.

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