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How to avoid being friend-zoned?


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Ok so here is the background


I'm 24 and the other girl is 27. She is my next door neighbour.


I met her when she invited me to her house warming party. We are both about 2-3 months out of long term relationships. At the house party she was very flirty and was led next to me with her arm round me (alcohol influences I know).


We see each other 3-4 times a week and we have so much in common it's unreal. I really like this girl and I don't want to rush things but I would like some advice on how I stop being friend-zoned. I'm normally very good at Reading body language and working out what people want but I can't with this girl. Maybe because she is older than me.


We are going to the cinema tonight to watch a film. Girls any insight on what she is thinking? How should I play this one?


Any advice much appreciated.

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Yea but its so obvious she isnt ready for a new relationship.


We are quite flirty i guess. Last night when she came back to mind consisted of pillow fights, tickling each other and foot massages.


I dont think i want to push it with her and ruin it. I do get the subtle hints from her. She was talking about what my type was and i pretty much said what she is like is my type and then i asked her and she said the same about me.


Normally the rejection wouldnt bother me but seen as this girl lives next to me it would be so awkward if it went wrong!

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it sounds like u two allready have something more than a common friendship from what u said and it sounds like shes really into u. i think u should bite the bullet and forget about the small posibility of rejection cos the feeling of wondering what could have been can be just as bad. one question tho. why exactly do u say she isnt ready for a new relationship?

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