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Primal SEX

Mr. Rosewater

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Is it just men that just want to have idiot lust driven primal sex? I mean all the porn sites out there are geared toward men. The entire sex industry is geared toward men. Men are driven to JUST have sex more than women. Am I right?


Uhhh... no. Not in my experience, anyway.

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Not just men! I'm all about just sex, primal. Even people I'm very serious with, if that strong urge isn't there, I can't be with them. It is not just men, and all my non-married girl-friends would back this up. I know this because I have to hear their stories.

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Because doing COKE makes me wanna have primal idiot sex!!!!!!


Also I think that each exclusively makes me feel deviant. They are an adventure. Combined....BAMMMMM....SUPER ADVENTURE!


The kind of sex I have should not be done under the influence of drugs, or it'd be dangerous.

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I can't even think about this topic anymore because I've fixated myself on some kind of wonderful... aka: Golden Girls caricature!!! Not only that, Chandler, 15 Yemen Road, Yemen... this girl is married... Period! I also think they will cut this post like all my other cool a... i mean "butt"... posts.

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