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How do I do this?


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So, I met this guy and we immediately clicked and after a few short days we decided to date. I feel like I have known this guy forever and it scares me because I met him online. I don't want to be unsafe about this, but I really feel a connection with him. It's not that I am in love with him and it's not like I haven't had online friends before. But we want to meet in a month or two, and I'm scared. I don't know how to do this while being safe. I trust him, but I still want to be safe. Also when we meet, what should we do? Thanks for understanding and not judging me.


P.S. I already have a rule where I won't meet him unless we cam and talk on the phone first.

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Being safe would include meeting somewhere public (like Starbucks or the mall or something), not getting in his car and giving a close friend or even your mom his name, phone number and any other info. you have on him (where he lives, etc). I would also verify his age before you meet him in person. Webcamming is a good idea, I suppose.

Make sure he's not a 35 year old man in disguise!

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I wouldn't go alone to meet him, especially if it's a distance. You have to be extremely careful with meeting someone from online, since they are basically a total stranger no matter how many times you've talked online. Maybe see if he can come to your area to meet, since it would be safer on your end.

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