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What should I do?


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To put it shortly: met a guy last week. Went on a date. Had a really nice time, he seemed really into me. His friend's birthday was this saturday, he said he wanted to see me so we made plans to quickly bump into each other on saturday as we realized we'd be near each other on the night ( I was seeing a concert near where he was supposed to be going)


We kept texting throughout the week, he even came accross as a bit insecure, said things ( half-jokingly) like "I'm so happy you showed up to our date". Said he was really looking forward to seeing me. We also tentatively made plans on meeting today ( Sunday) as he was supposed to help me with putting up a shelf ( mentioned it during our date, he offered to help). On saturday he kept texting funny texts throughout the day and night but then later on (when he was already out and about) he texted saying something had happened with his friend, and that he was going to go home and the whole night had come to a halt. I texted back asking if he was ok and that hopefully he managed to enjoy his friend's birthday. Now its Sunday and I haven't heard back.


Obviously something happened with his friend, but I'm also thinking maybe something else happened? Either he lost interest/ met someone else OR something bad happened with his friend. He hasn't so far left a text unanswered for this long. Any thoughts?

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That's when it's so hard to tell.


But since you guys had been communicating regularly, and he even showed eagerness about going out with you, you can eliminate him meeting someone else. I would also eliminate not interested, since Saturday he was talking to you.


I say wait. It could have been a stressful Saturday, with whatever happened with his friend and all. Are you comfortable with calling him? If you are, you can call him tomorrow.


Hope I could help

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