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having the big talk next week!


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For those of who didnt read my other post ill give a quick update... i told my bf of 4 months i wanted to talk to him last sunday about a few things... he sudenly went all quiet with me and every txt he replied to avoided the subject and had no kisses on the end.

I could not pin him down to talk so in the end i thought if hes not willing to talk ill send an email with some of my thoughts and see what he says... he repied within 20 mins answering a few of my points but to be honest he missed off the serious ones but i suppose i understand that as you may not want to discuss things over email. He suggested meeting up next week to discuss things, we could not do it sooner as hes visiting family this weekend.


Im totally confused as to what is going to happen.. he didnt seem to have any issues he wanted to talk to me about, it seemed to be all my problems. As i said hes away at the moment, should i try and keep the contact going between now and when we talk or leave him to contact me. Hes not a great communicator on txt/ phone anyway so i didnt txt/ call him yest and he didnt either?

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Sometimes telling someone 'we need to talk' will strike terror in their hearts if they're the type to avoid confrontation or fear you want to talk to tell him you want to break up or that you want to talk about getting serious and he's not ready for that yet. So he may be avoiding you because he's scared about what you might want to talk about.


It's better to just wait for a time when you're both together and relaxed and bring up what you want to talk about.


So just wait til the next time you see him and bring it up then.

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Rach, in answer to your question weather you sould contact him at all... or let him contact you..... I think you should definitely let him contact you.. Give him space..


I was in a very similar situation.. My guy prefers to talk over text or email... not phone or in person becuase he seizes under the pressure i think!!!!


He would go away for work and said he always apprecicated how i didn't hound him.. texting him all the time... he liked that... and i found by letting him come to me... I wasn't so needy and therefore, insecure.


I would try my hardest if i was you, to keep busy and get yourself feeling good so when you do finally talk, you're confidant and relaxed.


good luck xx

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