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Ok I admit it I need help.


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I admit it, I need help. I dont have insurance to cover fee's for counceling. I'm not working at the momment to pay for the sessions. I tried googling free counceling sessions nothing comes up. Can anyone help me in finding free counceling sessions here in Houston, TX. Thats were I reside. But I live in the Sugarland Side and dont want to travel a big distance just to attend counceling. It would be really helpfull if anyone can help me find at least something. Please help me. Thanks Note : I cant sleep my mind is always disturbed and I want to get the help because I'm tierd of the way I'm living and need that extra push.

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You could try this organization. They say they are a sliding scale group which means they reduce their fees based on your ability to pay. They are also a charity which should help. If they don't work out they may be able to refer you to another organization that can.


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