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Keep a person interested, and weeding out the sacrasm


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Hey everyone,


I'm kind of new to this, so bare with me lol.


I'm 20. I got out of a 2 1/2 year relationship about a year ago, because I started realizing that there might be more to life than just being with girl that I met in high school. I know, it may sound harsh a bit, but I entered the world of college and kind of met new people here and there. Anyways, I became emotional unstable, depressed, didn't want to go out with my closest friends, or even try again at dating cuz my ex was having better luck with guys than I was with women. So finally over the last 3 months, I slowly started thinking that maybe I should work at making myself available again, you know, dropping hints here and there. My work recently hired a bunch of part-time workers to help with a remodel for the store I work at, and I noticed a girl that had been an accquantance of my ex through her ex, but not really friends. So anyways, we talked a bit during our work lunch break, and she was telling me how her 3 month relationship wasn't really going as good as she thought and how when they went out to a bar one night that her current bf was kissing 3 other girls while she was in the exact same bar with him, that and they didn't do anything exciting since they became a couple. I could tell that she just wanted a normal relationship. So wanting to ask her out right there just for the hell of it, I freeze up and end with " maybe we can hang out sometime," dropping a hint that I was interested, and then text her later at night, "I would like to ask you out, what do you say?" She replies that at the time she's faithful to him, but would give it a try too cuz it's downhill. Then she ends it the next night, and ends up hanging with me later that night after get home from going out to eat with my closest friends. She unexpectedly hung with me watching movies for 6 hours before she went to work that next morning. So I think she wants to try and give me a chance, I can feel it. However, she hasn't texted me much in the last couple days since that all-nighter.


So, what do I do?


Am I just paranoid that I might miss out on a great opportunity to date again cuz she's barely texting me, and we haven't even set a first date yet?


Totally need advice. If I text or call her she might feel pressured. If I don't, I might let an opportunity to try dating again slip through my fingers.





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