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Weird feelings


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So just a brief rundown of my situation: I'm 20 and going to college I have very few friends and I also have a three year old little girl. I live in my parents house, because they move around the country with my dad's job. I have such a great set up here and I'm so thankful, only I get really really lonely. My friends come visit on their days off and such and I've tried reaching out to other moms for play dates or anything of the sort but no dice so far (age difference being the main reason). accross the street lives a family that's sort of new to the neighborhood, they moved her a little less than a year ago. They're always outside and we give friendly waves to each other, but they remind me so much of how my family and I used to be. I'm longing for my family and I see the family accross the street and I just want to go over and sit on their porch with them and hang out like we used to do when we were together. There's a freshman (I think) boy that lives in the house and he's always out playing basketball and even though I dont have a little brother, I want to go out and play with him. I guess I just miss having family interaction like that. I really dont want to come off as creepy, so how weird is it that I'm having these feelings? Should I talk to that family?

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