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Hello, i am in LDR and i must admit is pretty hard.I meetmy gf on chat forum and since then we are in love for 10 months and 5 days and will still didnt meet each other.

She is from my country but in different town but atm she live in other country,she coming once a year when her dad have vaccation.We missed the time when she was here cuz she was sick and her parents didn't allowed to go anywhere.

We really love each other and we are dying to see it face to face but we really don't know when we going to see it or the question is if we going to see it? We talk each day,sending text messages each day we are online on msn every since day and when we have change we speak on mobile phone but shotrly 3-5min

What i am suppost to do? Any advice or help?

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Oh my goodness... you don't even see her? It doesn't sound like much of a relationship. You are missing out on all the good things.. Intimacy is the best part... is it possible to love someone and let them go? I had to do that once as hard as it was... there are billions and billions of people in this world. maybe it would be nice to have a relationship with a real person instead of your computer?


maybe she could run away... you could both run away together... if not... maybe it's too hard????


hang in there if you love her but if you start to become miserable cut your losses.. if you are meant to be maybe it wouldnt be so hard.


but i like the running away idea !! hahah very romatnic

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oh you are a total sweetheart.. Well there is no reason you cant hold out for her... but sweety don't let that stop you from talking to other girls.. you only have an online relationship. and if you didn't even SEE her while she was in town... thats not very good..


there is one way to get better with girls... practice..... there are billions and billions of girls out there..


Love her by all means... but continue to talk to other girls if you want to... and at the same time hope that in time her parents will support you...


But you may have to wiat until you are a little older to make those choices for yourselves. and some of the most wonderful love stories start out like this... be patient and enjoy each other best you can but enjoy your life too. you sound like a lovely guy



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Thank you for the sweet words. She don't deserve that if i love one girl will be just her no matter what happens.I am not that guy to be with many girls at the same times.But this will take a little bit long so i must to stay calm and patient and i really am. Thank you once again for the advice.



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The problem is we are still go to school and we are still young to run away:S

And i don't really have luck with girls.No1 was so sweat with me,and one wanted to call me like her...

I would never suggest running away.

1. You don't know each other very well. Talking behind a computer/phone is different than meeting in person. Why give everything up, move when you both haven't gone on some dates, and things don't work out? For some people it works out... but not often and it's risky.

2. If she runs away a kidnapping case could be issued. You said you two are young so I wouldn't risk that either. I've heard and seen it happen on the news. Especially if her parents don't want her running around.


OP, how old are you? It has a lot to do with where issue lies and how we could help you.

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