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STD update!!!!!


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Hi! Thanks again for all the support you guys gave me in my previous posting. Thought I'd update you guys on my awesome news... That guy went to a different doctor and got a more accurate, sensitive, newer herpes test done called Western Blot. It came back negative for herpes. Based on where he falls statistically in his very low herpesselect result, the Western Blot negative can be trusted as accurate. I got this news yesterday... it was one of the best days of my life!


Yeah and he had the nerve to tell me that I was throwing away the "relationship" when he didn't even have herpes. (So that should make it alright in his mind, for him to sexually violate me!?) Nice try.



I'm so glad that whole nightmare is over. It's a brand new day!

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Peachsky, although I did not comment on your last thread, I read it with a great deal of concern. I am SO glad you got those test results and I am also SO glad you are dealing with this all with such a clear head.


That guy was a complete and utter loser and scumbag, and you're right, today is a brand new day for you. Pheeeew! Good luck and big hugs.

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