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Feel you'll end up with the wrong person?


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Btw, if I don't end up with him and it's because of him, I will end up with the wrong person. The sad thing is many people do end up with the wrong person. Otherwise there wouldn't be as many divorces. Either that or I will be alone, which I am fine with.

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I thought I met the guy I was supposed to be with but I was already married to the "wrong man" and a psychic even told me I married the wrong man. Well needless to say we didn't end up together, I got divorced for no good reason, lost my mind in part because of him, and basically it took me 4 years to get over him.


Basically I'm telling you this because you need to break away from this guy, if he really is the one you're meant to be with you will reunite. But the only way you can truly begin to heal is by removing yourself from the situation.


did you divorce your husband because of what the psychic told you? or because you thought the relationship was not working?

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It really sounds like to me your already in love with this guy and you really want him a lot. Its happened to me, I've wanted a girl sooooooooooo much and I felt as if we didn't commit that I was never going to find another woman that would measure up.


with that added pressure on yourself it will only make things more difficult for you and could send the wrong vibe to him and that might make him run away. Please relax! If it was meant to be then its going to happen. You have highstandards so I'm going to assume you are attractive, smart and such.


Nothing is for certain, you might meet a sexy attractive guy you want but who's to say he won't develop into a slob down the road?. Thats just the realialtiy of it. You really shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket.

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I have wasted a lot of time with him, so I just hope it works out.

Why do you think wasting your time would "work out"? Or that if he's not the one, you'll be single forever?

I agree that sending yourself these messages is a self-fulfilling prophecy and not based on reality or fact.

It's interesting to me that you can admit you've wasted your time but that you're still in the relationship even knowing it could end in a way that devastates you to the point of a psychotic episode. Why do that to yourself?

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